Thursday, Date: Mar 30, 2023 Time: 11:50 pm

Illegal Water connections at eateries running in booths in Mohali

Illegal Pipes connected for drainage with sewerage pipes, GMADA as well as Public health department taking no action

Mohali: The booths allotted by GMADA in Mohali are flouting the terms and conditions of their allotment without any fear of law.
Many of the booths are being used as eateries and further they are indulging in having connecting the water pipe lines with the Public health water supply lines.
The illegal activities do not end here only as many of the booths have connected with sewerage pipes. Sewerage pipes are thus, vandalised especially in Mohali and a large number of such booth occupants have also taken illegal connections from Government drinking water pipes.
This is not the end, large number of such food business operators have encroached upon and taken illegal possession of land by putting tables and chairs, regularly in the parking area or have even encroached upon the passages. Even if other shopkeepers raise their voice against them, no department takes any action against the violators.
While in many Phases and sectors of Mohali shopkeepers are illegally taking water from the government pipe, many shopkeepers have kept water tanks on the roof of their shops and fill water in these tanks by bringing water tankers, which adds the problem of insanitation in the surrounding residential areas.
Further, many of these shopkeepers have dugged pipes to and connected with the government drainage system, which not only creates a foul smell but also pollutes the rainwater and chokes the pipes resulting in flooding during the rain.
The shopkeepers allege that the people who work in such above activities carry out illegal activities which goes unchecked by the concerned authorities.

Residents added, “several occupants of booths have been running eateries in the shops and had connected drainage pipes with the sewerage of the residential area due to which residents were facing inconvenience. Most of the time, sewerage lines remained blocked and there was also a problem of sewerage overflow.

Ramandeeep Singh SDO Department of WATER SUPPLY & SANITATION said that teams have been formed to carry out inspections and the violators will be booked in accordance to law.

Jaspreet Singh SDO Public Health Mohali Municipal Corporation stated Water and sewrage connections of booths fall under the jurisdiction of Punjab Water Supply & Sanitation Department and has nothing to do with Municipal Corporation, Mohali.

Deputy Mayor Mohali Municipal Corporation Kuljit Singh Bedi said that neither GMADA nor the Department of WATER SUPPLY & SANITATION Department is taking any action against the shopkeepers running eateries in the booths and said that if no action is taken then at least Department of WATER SUPPLY & SANITATION department should regularize their water connections and added that as far as illegal encroachments are concerned, Municipal Corporation keeps removing these illegal encroachments from time to time.

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