Friday, Date: Mar 31, 2023 Time: 12:19 am

Illegel Banners continue in Mohali

Mohali: All steps are being taken by the Mohali Municipal Corporation but one of the problems which is creating hindrance to make this city smart and healthy, is defacing the city through displaying unauthorised advertisements such as illegal banners, hoardings and posters with different messages is a major problem.
Present day situation is that Mohali seems to be flooded with illegal advertisements, and to curb such shabby outlook of the city MC authorities seems to be either doing nothing or may be the results of efforts are not visible.
Residents added, if anyone displays a banner or posters, heavy fine should be levied and even FIRs should be registered against the violators, but the MC authorities keep a soft corners.
Laws should be equally applied for all. The present situation is that now defacement is visible in the internal residential areas too as Illegal banners and posters by several organizations has been tied or nailed to the trees.
Residents added, it is the responsibility of the civic body to keep a check on violators and take actions as per law. The civic body can also generate heavy fine from violators for displaying the hoardings and none should be allowed to deface the city.
Specific sites should be earmarked for this purpose. After prescribed days, all authorised advertisements should be removed immediately.
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