Thursday, Date: Mar 30, 2023 Time: 11:25 pm

Industrial Area Mohali cry for maintenance

Ill maintained Parks, Pothholes filled roads and overflowing/blocked Sewage

Mohali: Mohali is aspiring to become a smart city, some parks here continue to be in a poor condition due to wild growth and missing basic equipment such as gates, proper lighting.
According to sources, the company selected for the maintenance of a majority of parks in the city was not undertaking the task properly.
Industrialists added, “Water collects in Parks when it rains, posing a threat of vector-borne diseases and added, Grass is not being cut on time and the maintenance of parks in Industrial Area Phase 7, 8A, 8B Mohali continues to be neglected while adding that we the industrialists pay several taxes including Property tax to Municipal Corporation Mohali, but unfortunately in return we get no facilities.
Roads in Industrial area are in bad condition, sewage can be seen over flowing at any time in the streets in Industrial Area Mohali.
Punjab Small Industries & Export Corporation (PSIEC) has handed over maintenance and upkeep of the Industrial Area Phases VIII-A and VIII-B Mohali to Municipal Corporation Mohali in the year 2021, in the presence of Balbir Singh Sidhu, who was Minister for Labour, Health & Family Welfare and Sunder Sham Arora, Minister for Industries & Commerce at that time.
Commissioner Municipal Corporation, Ms Navjot Kaur added, “We will assess the work done and issue a warnings if the condition of parks is not up to the standards and added I have not received complaints about the issue of parks in Industrial area but soon will visit and check.

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