Saturday, Date: Apr 01, 2023 Time: 4:36 pm

Industrial Area Mohali suffer neglect, cry for attention

Mohali: The condition of industrial Area in Mohali city is crying for attention.
The condition is worse in the oldest part of Industrial Area Mohali.
The industrialists complain that they have lodged several complaints with the concerned authorities but to of no avail.
While sharing the experience one of the industrialist shared that the condition of roads in the area is the worst and added asserts that bad roads are a major reason for accidents in the area.
“The condition becomes the worst in the area especially during the night hours when it is dark and during the rainy season.
No doubt government is putting up best efforts to improve the situation of industry in state but unfortunately, on the ground level the roads tell a different story,” industrialists added.
Industrialists also pointed out that MC collects maximum property tax from the Industrial Area, but just see the roads. It seems that the roads have not been repaired for a long time.
Overflowing sewage and heaps of garbage is also a common scene in Industrial Area Mohali.
An industrialist demanded Municipal Corporation should re-carpet/ scarify or carry out patchwork wherever required.
Various city roads have been uprooted for laying of new pipes but still has not been repaired. Who Cares????
MC Commissioner Navjot Kaur Said needful will be done at the earliest possible.

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