Friday, Date: Mar 31, 2023 Time: 12:11 am

Industrialists against the authorities for turning a blind eye

Mohali: Industrialists who have factories in the Focal Point Phase 7, Mohali are up in arms against the authorities for turning a blind eye to their problems. The major issue being faced by them is the worsening condition of the roads whose condition further deteriorate during rains.
Some of the industrialists stated that they will resort to protest if the repair of the roads and sewerage does not start soon and added the maintenance of focal points is with the municipal corporation (MC) which has failed to act on our repeated requests to repair the roads and sewerage in the Phase 7 Industrial Area. Due to the stepmotherly treatment being meted out to us, the infrastructure has become such that it is impossible even to commute by foot on several roads due to the deep and wide potholes on them. It is our request to the state government to take urgent notice of this situation or else soon the factories will start closing as already we are facing the problem of delay in supplies of raw material and transport of finished goods due to the worsening condition of roads.”
Industrialists added, “Despite incurring huge costs to set up factories in Focal Point, which is one of the costliest industrial areas of the district, we do not even have access to the civic amenities which is our basic right. The condition of roads and sewerage in the Phase 7, especially on the road leading towards Swaraj R and D is such that even workers hesitate to work in our factories. Apathy of the state government, PSIEC and the MC is leading to a situation wherein we will be left with no other option than to start series of protest to get ourselves heard. But Who cares???

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