Is this Place Authorised For Hoardings ?

Mohali: Reckless attitude towards precious trees in the city do not seem to end, the greenery is being strangely used for commercial purposes.
Trees everywhere are serving as free locations to hang advertisements and notice boards.
The best source of fresh air in the surroundings is being ill-treated and used as a mere disgusting advertising tool.
Officials cross such places where anyone other than them
can notice the trees being used as advertising tool and still there’s no heed being paid towards destroying the green beauty around the city.
Phase 9 resident Col. TBS Bedi (Retd) stated Advertisement on trees are spoiling the ecological balance in our Mohali roads and demanded Mohali Municipal corporation may look into this and ensures hoarding, ads are not erected on trees.
MC, forest department, advertising agencies or the individuals, who is to be blamed? Aren’t we contributing in destructing the natural beauty we are blessed with by remaining quite and ignoring such issues?
Who Cares???

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