Thursday, Date: Mar 30, 2023 Time: 11:05 pm

Kantara and She Star Kishore Kumar G’s Twitter Account Suspended

The Twitter account of popular South Indian actor Kishore Kumar G, known for his roles in the Netflix series She and the latest Kannada blockbuster She, has been suspended. The actor is also an activist, especially on farmers’ problems, and is well-known for expressing his views without any fear of the establishment striking back.

It is this forthrightness that attracts people to his tweets, but he hasn’t yet responded to the suspension of his Twitter account.

Kishore had earlier supported the controversial statement of actress Sai Pallavi equating the killings of Kashmiri Pandits with the murders of Muslims. He had questioned the media for attacking the doctor-turned-multiple-award-winning actress and asked journalists whether it was a crime for film personalities to have an opinion on social issues.

The actor, who played the main antagonist (a police officer) against Rishab Shetty in the superhit ‘Kantara’, has spoken up against superstitions.

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