Kulwant Singh hits back, files defamation case against Gurtej Singh Pannu, Sheera Bhanboura and Mohra Singh Anjaan

Mohali: Kulwant Singh, Member- Aam Aadmi Party, Former Mayor Mohali, had hit back to the allegations by Sh. Gurtej Singh Pannu, Sh. Sheera Bhanboura and Sh. Mohra Singh Anjaan in a Press conference and has decided to respond to it by pursuing the legal course.
As per the copy of notice it reads: To bring the aforementioned persons to the bookSh. Gurtej Singh Pannu, Sh. Sheera Bhanboura and Sh. Mohra Singh Anjaan who purportedly identify themselves as President (Youth), AAP (District- Mohali), Vice- President (Youth), AAP (District- Mohali) and Founder Member- AAP Punjab, respectively have unwarrantedly initiated a massive defamation campaign against Sh. Kulwant Singh- a person of high moral rectitude and unimpeachable integrity, widely acclaimed social workerwitha spotless record of public service while discharging his duties as the former Mayor of Mohali.
The false allegations have been levelled against Sh. Kulwant Singh for obtaining favors and obtaining the ticket from Aam Aadmi Party by employing unethical means such as exchange of money which warrants be refuting and rejecting with the contempt it deserves.
This has been done to adversely affect the otherwise unblemished reputation of Sh. Kulwant Singh garnered over the years by endlessly working for the public welfare which has been repeatedly celebrated by the citizenry of Mohali by electing him as their Mayor numerous times.
Kulwant Singh, hence shall be filing Civil Defamation Suit against each person seeking Rs. 100 Crores as damage and other Criminal proceedings for executing their premeditated malicious agenda and thus causing irreparable damage to his reputation.
On the other hand Gurtej Singh Pannu said he has not received a copy of any notice yet, Aam Aadmi nu 100 crore de damages ( It is understood how much AAM AADMI HE IS).

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