Saturday, Date: Apr 01, 2023 Time: 5:36 pm

Lovely Foundation holds mega blood donation camp at Mohali

Mohali: More than 100 people donated blood at a camp organised by Lovely Foundation today during its 1st mega blood donation camp at Mohali,
Dos and Don’ts during donating blood; misconceptions regarding blood donation and importance of blood donation was shared with the donors during the event by Kuljit Singh Saini.
While addressing media Sanbir Kapoor said the objective of the camp was to propagate the significance of blood donation to generate awareness and saving lives of who are in need.
The donors were scrutinized before the blood donation to ensure that the blood was collected from healthy donors.
Sanbir Kapoor sensitized and encouraged the donors by telling that blood donation is one of the generous donations on the earth that could save someone precious life, light a family’s lamp, and could give bliss to a family and said we at Lovely Foundation are committed to promoting humanitarian causes and will always continue blood donation drives with great zeal and enthusiasm.
Lovely Foundation is a charitable organization Punjab, India, who always look forward to reaching out to individuals or a community in need with an aim to serve them within their entire capacity and feel that relieving someone’s pain and adding value to their lives is what they strive for.
Lovely Foundation, besides serving the needy and unprivileged, also believe in working towards the greater good of the environment, and want to be a part of the solution, not the pollution, and this keeps them moving forward, planting more and more trees and is a patron member of Red Cross.
Lovely Foundation aims at creating a balance between nature and humans, and this thought keeps us motivated to work in the best spirits.
Large number of youths were seen participating in this programme with unprecedented enthusiasm and gave it a great success.
Kamlesh kumar kaushal (Secretary Red Cross), Inspector Narender Sood,
Bhupinder Jit Singh,
Jagmohan Kumar and other members of Lovely Foundation were present.

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