Friday, Date: Mar 31, 2023 Time: 12:03 am

‘Make footpaths walkable on priority’- Residents

Mohali: Crores of Rupees are being spent by the Municipal Corporation Mohali in all Phases and paver blocks are being laid but, broken paver blocks has become a major cause of concern for Mohali residents as pavers block at several places had started peeling off and interlocking tiles had started breaking down or dislocating.
Residents said “There are pavements, but due to non-maintenance, they cannot be used as a result they had to walk on road while risking their lives. Broken pavements also discourage pedestrians. Authorities concerned spend so much money on laying paver blocks and they should also find out the material being used,” said Mohali Residents.
Several residents while talking to the team The Aman Sandesh Times added, being able to walk on a footpath in Mohali is a rare opportunity. Either they are encroached upon or in such a bad shape that walking on them is impossible.
Team The Aman Sandesh Times came across several such stretches in Mohali where walking is impossible despite there being no hawkers or other encroachments.
At most places, the paver blocks are removed for underground repair job or for infrastructure upgrade. The restoration is done after days and months, and even then without much care. The result is that the pavers come off from their grooves or the sand under the paver blocks disperse across the stretch making it a dusty track that people tend to avoid.
Half-broken paver tiles are left discarded on the footpaths, it is evident that the footpath was dug up for some work and at some places in Mohali there are many spots, has no paver blocks and the sand underneath has scattered over an area.
Residents said action should be taken against the contractor for poor workmanship and use of substandard material and conniving officials should also be held accountable for their negligence.

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