Saturday, Date: Mar 25, 2023 Time: 8:07 am

Many famous singers will perform Ganesh Vandana during 5 days Ganesh Mahotsav celebration in Mohali

Mohali: Lord Shri Ganesh is considered to be the first as per the Hindu religion, only after that any worship or auspicious work is started. Romesh Dutt Sharma, President Shri Ganesh Mahotsav Committee, said that for the last 7 years Vigorous Ganesh festival is being organised and celebrated in Mohali, where large number of devotees and famous personalities/singers from all over the country and abroad participate.
Romesh Dutt stated that like every year, this year too, 5 days 7th Shri Ganesh Mahotsavis being organized by Shri Ganesh Mahotsav Committee from 30 August to 3 September and will be celebrated with full enthusiasm and fervor.

Ramesh Dutt, president of Shri Ganesh Mahotsav Committee, told that during the 5 days event, he stays in the pandal instead of going to his home. During this, he serves barefoot and sleeps on the ground in the pandal at night. On the other hand, famous Bhajan Samrat Madan Shanki said that Sanatani singers are being given full respect and respect in the bar program and appeals are also being made to them to participate in the program.

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