Wednesday, Date: Mar 22, 2023 Time: 12:57 pm

MC Mohali fails to Fix potholes

Mohali: Even, as the city roads refuse to be free of potholes despite several complaints, requests and reports of potholes on city streets concerned authorities seems to have failed to fix potholes in Mohali streets.
Due to poor maintenance of roads in Mohali city, residents feel step-motherly attitude of civic authorities, resulting in commuters and residents facing troubles.
Residents have been complaining that potholes have turned out to be a major cause of road accidents as people lost control of their vehicles while navigating them.
Residents stated that the reasons for the proliferation of potholes is due to poor road construction, lack of timely and effective repair and maintenance.
Regular commuters like office goers and students are bearing the brunt of traffic, congestions, besides the poor road condition, underground cabling works at various places are compounding the misery of the commuters.
It is no surprise that accidents are spiralling and the commuters face untold misery travelling in these roads due to the potholes. The damage to vehicles and health is also an another issue.
But isn’t it the duty of the concerned authorities to repair damaged roads that have literally become death traps? We are paying road tax to the government. Can’t we expect potholes free roads?
These were the questions raised by commuters and residents, but Who Cares??

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