Saturday, Date: Mar 25, 2023 Time: 6:28 am

MC should review its decision on challaning under new segregation policy

Mohali: Municipal Corporation Mohali has asked residents to segregate garbage in five dustbins of different colour or face a fine of Rs 250 had got mixed response from public in Mohali .
Aiming to get rid of mountains of garbage segregating garbbage waste as dry, wet, sanitary and dangerous is a good idea but in Mohali residents seems to be not prepared yet and demands a large-scale awareness campaign by MC authorities and feel that MC must launch a scheme to provide incentive to the residents to make them aware as Public participation in garbage collection and disposal is a big factor, which must be encouraged by the authorities instead of issuing challans.
Efforts should be made that every resident should feel it to be his/her duty to segregate various types of waste and should proudly contribute towards achieving the target of 100% disposal of waste to avoid the mountains of garbage.
Residents added that, keeping five bins is practically difficult in houses, but once public awareness level is found to be satisfactory, the MC can go ahead with challaning violators. Challaning at this initial stage will only result in protest and may have negative impact.
Residents feel that awareness camps to educate residents on the need for segregating and train the staff for a successful
implementation of the rules. The MC should rope in residents to make them cooperate in the implementation of the new segregation policy.

When the old system is working well, what is the need to change it and make it cumbersome, asked H.K. Aggarwal, Phase 2 Resident.

Imposing penalty is not a solution to every problem. The MC should encourage households to segregate their waste properly and provide service accordingly, Develop the culture of segregation among public first, added Adv Pawan Sharma.

MC commissioner Navjot Kaur said, ” Directions have been issued by the Central Pollution Control Board, ministry of environment, forests and climate change. So, notices have been issued to residents as per Solid Waste Management Rules (SWM), 2016, to install five colour dustbins for separate type of waste generated.

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