Saturday, Date: Apr 01, 2023 Time: 5:33 pm

MCM holds session on techniques for being young and healthy

Chandigarh: The AIDS Awareness Committee and Medical Committee of Mehr Chand Mahajan DAV College for Women, Chandigarh, organised an awareness session titled ‘Techniques for being young and healthy as you age’.
Dr. Preeti Jindal, Senior Gynaecologist, The Touch Clinic was the resource person for this informative session. The session began with the expert explaining the concept of adolescence and then discussion on menstruation, issue of irregular periods, discomfort during periods, PMS and HPV vaccination.
Dr. Preeti stressed that women above 40 years should get PAP smear test every 2 years and mammography every 3 years. She also shed light on the different issues responsible for acne and their treatment. The issue of incontinence was also discussed by Dr. Preeti.
Over 120 students and faculty members attended the session. The session proved to be a fruitful one as the students interacted with the expert for advice on different women health related issues.
Principal Dr. Nisha Bhargava highlighted the importance of the session as she said that health is the greatest wealth and should not be ignored at any cost. She added that as one ages and the body functions gradually slow down, it is all the more important to care for one’s health by adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes good nutritious diet and adequate amount of exercise.

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