Thursday, Date: Mar 30, 2023 Time: 11:49 pm

Missing manhole covers an open death trap

Mohali: Open & missing covers on manholes are an open death trap for commuters and residents in Mohali.
Open manholes pose a grave danger to the lives of residents, a visit to different parts of the Mohali showed that a large number of sewerage manhole covers are missing for one or the other reason.
Residents added that anyone can spot an uncovered manholes in Mohali but the concerned officials seems to be ignoring the same.
Most of the footpaths over the drains are dangerous when the covers are missing.
Residents demanded that all such open manholes be covered to prevent any mishap and demanded that the Municipal Corporation must ensure that the open manholes are covered for the safety of residents and commuters.
Open manholes are posing a threat to commuters in city as they may cause a serious accident.
Open manholes and missing covers over the drains have been an issue in the city for a long period.
Passers by are at a high risk of facing mishaps while crossing these manholes.
Residents demand from District authorities to make foothpath safe & to order to cover uncovered and also immideatly repair damaged manholes to avoid any causlity to happen.
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