Saturday, Date: Mar 25, 2023 Time: 7:32 am

Missing railing paves the way for accidents

Mohali: There are many spots in Mohali where railings are either missing or damaged and can lead to disasters claiming lives due to irresponsibility of concerned authorities in Mohali.
Residents said, all over the Mohali City, one can see roads with missing grill railings and in case if there are any, they are damaged and solve a negligible amount of their sole purpose. What’s keeping the concerned people so busy that they don’t even care about the lives of people driving on these roads daily.
While talking to the team The Aman Sandesh Times, residents/ commuters told, they have requested the concerned authorities many a times but of no avail. Concerned authorities are requested to woke up from their slumber and at least, do their duties.
Several, senior citizen said that, the theft of government property is so rampant and blatant on the streets that its solution looks almost impossible, and added that the concerned authorities seems to be least bothered to stop this menace.
Since, it does not affect us directly so we do not bother much, but if we think of it a lot of our money gets wasted that we pay in the form of taxes.
Road railings, tree guards, parts of electric poles are all vulnerable to such theft. The thieves are always on a look out for them. But Who Cares???

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