Friday, Date: Mar 31, 2023 Time: 12:12 am

Missing safety railings a threat to motorists

Mohali: Commuters are at risk as MC Mohali turns blind eye to missing safety railing/ guard railings on several roads in Mohali.
Railings are needed to be installed along footpaths to avoid potential vehicle conflict, and the railings aim to keep pedestrians safe.
Mohali Municipal Corporation has been spending large amount of Public Money for several development projects in the city, but unfortunately, over the last several months motorists using different roads in Mohali, have been forced to negotiate the stretches with caution.
A major portion of the safety railing on the road leading from Spice Traffic Lights towards Phase 5 is missing, putting the lives of drivers and bikers at risk. According to locals, despite repeated complaints, no one has turned up to assess the damage.
It is pertinent to mention here that railings installed at road dividers also help in not allowing an easy passage to traffic violators and miscreants after committing crimes.
Traffic violators and miscreants would escape to other areas on being chased by the police.
But Who Cares?
When contacted, Ms Navjot Kaur PCS Commissioner Municipal Corporation Mohali said, I will immediately look into the issue and the officials concerned will be asked to address the issue on priority basis for the safety of commuters.

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