Wednesday, Date: Mar 29, 2023 Time: 4:17 pm

Mohali cops dispose of 62kg drugs

Mohali: Police destroyed 62kg drugs seized in 55 cases, 43,419 banned tablets and injections. The contraband was destroyed at a furnace in Punjab Chemical and Corporation Protection Limited, Bhankharpur village, Derabassi sub-division. Most of the cache comprised opium and poppy husk.
Senior superintendent of police (SSP) Sandeep Kumar Garg said that the contraband was destroyed in the presence of a committee headed by him along with SP Amandeep Singh Brar and DSP Gursher Singh Sandhu.
SP Amandeep Singh Brar said that the drugs, banned tablets and injections were destroyed under high security at the designated furnace.
“The destroyed items comprised opium (ganja) 26.28 kg, charas 2.85 kg, hashish 2.85 kg, heroin 1.619 kg, poppy husk 30.8 kg, smack 4 grams, narcotic powder 326 grams, narcotic pills 40,030, narcotic capsules 3,308, 48 drug bottles (cough syrups) and 33 drug injections were included,” SP Brar said.

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