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Sunday, Date: Apr 21, 2024 Time: 11:26 pm


Mohali: With no cleanliness of parks in Mohali for last several months it has added to the woes of residents.
Residents while talking to The Aman Sandesh Times team added parks in Mohali continues to be in a poor condition due to wild growth and added that even the Playing equipment installed in the parks such (slides, swing set, see-saw and climbing frame) too are in an urgent need of repair.
Residents added, “Wild Grass is not being cut on time and the maintenance of parks continues to be neglected despite of us all paying heavy taxes no support is being provided by the Municipal Corporation Mohali, it seems our tax money is just being wasted and demanded a vigilance enquiry for receipts and payments of Mohali Municipal Corporation.
Residents added that the parks earlier used to be maintained by GMADA and were kept in order, unfortunately since Municipal Corporation took it over now the parks have been left on the mercy of God as no one ever comes to clean, or even to water the plants planted by the residents in the park.
MC Phase 1 Ward No 50, Ms Gurmeet Kaur stated that the parks have not seen the pruning since long and added authorities concerned had failed to upkeep the maintenance of Parks and added there are heaps of garbage lying, equipment of the open-air gym broken, swings and other joyrides can be seen rusted and stray dogs and cattle are a common scene in the parks.
Sources in Municipal Corporation stated file for approval of work to contractors has been sent to higher officials and work will be started once the work is approved by the concerned officials. But Who Cares???

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