Saturday, Date: Apr 01, 2023 Time: 5:11 pm

Mohali residents complain of wild grass growing on pavements

Mohali: The pavements and berms on the roads of many southern sectors are overgrown with wild grass making them unusable, putting pedestrians at risk.
Residents added, the growth of wild grass goes unchecked in the city and residents had to suffer despite paying taxes.
Residents added, “We feel scared to walk on the main road as the footpaths are covered with grass and added numerous complaints for around two weeks, the grass of the footpaths still remained overgrown.
Few residents added, “The wild grass is so thick on some roads that animals like snakes can hide in them. Lots of mosquitoes and other insects also breed here. During monsoon, trimming the grass after long interval is not enough; it should be done twice or thrice for each ward/ phase.”
Several residents added we felt unsafe walking to the markets, especially during the night with the large patches of grass growing on the footpaths.
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