Thursday, Date: Mar 30, 2023 Time: 11:37 pm

Monsoon ready, but road gullies in Mohali clogged

Mohali: Early morning rain left roads in Mohali waterlogged. Residents had to a face lot of inconvenience while commuting as water accumulated on the roads, making the potholes invisible, with monsoons approaching and rains have brought havocs to Mohali citizens as Guly traps on roads are choked and water has accumulated on roads causing great inconvenience to motorist and pedestrian walking on roads.
The tall claims by Municipal corporation (MC) seeme to have been washed away as the early morning rain exposed their preparedness for the monsoon.
Residents added, the internal roads of various Phase are above the plinth level of houses, resulting in rainwater flowing into houses and authorities have been flouting the norms by laying pre-mix without digging up the roads. Consequently, the height of the roads keeps increasing.
MC claimed to have conducted cleaning of all drains but residents want the MC to take timely measures to complete the work at the earliest.
Residents added, Municipal Corporation Mohali is requested to carry out urgent survey and all road gully traps made functional so that water does not accumulated on roads for the safety of citizens and requested, if needed dewatering may be done immediately to make smooth functional of road traffic.
But who cares…?

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