Wednesday, Date: Mar 29, 2023 Time: 4:24 pm

More than 300 applicants approached UT Estate office grievance redressal camp

Chandigarh: A two-day grievance redressal camp was organized to readdress the pending applications related to Estate Office, Chandigarh.
On Saturday, the first day of camp a total of 126 applicants approached the camp and on Sunday 178 Applicants approached the camp.
Majority of applications submitted were related to the pendency of cases transfer of ownership. In addition, applications related to various services including occupancy certificates, building plans, updations, No Dues Certificates, etc.
All applicants have been provided acknowledgment by the Teams deputed for said purpose.
Now, the Estate Office will examine their cases under the rules and will take the necessary steps to provide the service desired by applicants and the decision taken by the Estate Office on their applications will be communicated to them in due course of time.
The Secretary Finance-cum-Estates and the Deputy Commissioner-cum-Estate Officer have also reviewed the proceedings at Camp in the presence of both the Assistant Estate Officers and other Branch Heads.

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