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Thursday, Date: Apr 25, 2024 Time: 8:05 pm


Mohali: Pedestrians using the footpaths at different places in Mohali had to face inconvenience as the footpaths/ pavers are in bad condition and cry for maintenance.
Many a time pedestrians are forced to walk on the road, with the risk of being hit by speeding vehicles.
Several pedestrians and kids have fallen and hurt due to the broken pavers/ footpaths. “It is harrowing to walk on the footpath. It is not only broken but also unkept.
Residents stated “The pavers/ footpaths are broken, one needs to be cautious while walking on them, as there are the chances of falling and demanded from the authorities to ensure proper upkeep rather than replacing the existing in good condition and avoid the wastage of Public fund without any use.
A senior citizen urged Proper footpaths beside roads are the right of pedestrians. Unfortunately, the footpaths have become dangerous spots due to failure of municipal Authorities to ensure the proper upkeep/ maintenance.
Residents added, Municipal Corporation should involve general public and suggestions of general public must be taken before starting up new projects and stress must be paid by the oficials in maintenance of existing rather than installing new paver tiles to avoid wastage of Public money. But Who Cares???

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