Wednesday, Date: Mar 22, 2023 Time: 12:35 pm

Nailing trees for free advertising

Mohali: Posters and flexes nailed on tree trunks dot the city in the absence of any check by the concerned authorities. The practice is gradually killing these trees, say environmentalists. Members of a city-based NGO have written to the NGT, seeking immediate curbs on this practice. “Green cover is already facing various environmental challenges. On top of this, the practice of nailing posters on tree trunks for advertising is gradually killing trees,” says residents and members of an NGO working for the conservation of environment.
When nails are inserted in a tree trunk, channels taking water to branches are damaged, which affects its growth. The practice is rampant in Mohali and the government needs to come up with strong punishment and action against erring persons residents said.
Not just on streets, trails of such posters is also a common sight on most of the streets and roads in Mohali. This is illegal both from the standpoint of advertising, causing loss of revenue to the government, and damage caused to trees, said a resident.
If nails are inserted deep in tree trunks, these could cause harm to trees and food and water vessels are damaged, which affects growth of the trees. Moreover, nailing can cause harm to trees in other ways, as the damaged part can get rotten and the surrounding tissues may become dead, he said.
The government needs to seriously look into the matter and put an end to this practice, which is harming the environment. Who Cares???

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