Sunday, Date: Mar 26, 2023 Time: 5:34 pm

Nature Park Mohali is not fit for walks, footpath lies broken – Senior Citizens

Mohali: Senior citizens of Phase 9, Mohali had complained, that walking in the public parks has become all the more dangerous for them, given the fact that the tiles laid on the footpath around are getting broken leaving little space to walk.
The morning walkers claimed that the tiles laid on the footpath in Nature Park at some places have now broken, forcing people to walk through the debris of tiles and added it seems that the authorities have shut their eyes to the plight of the people.”
Another senior citizen added, “The footpaths behind HIG 1400 flats caved and are in a poor state and unfit to walk. The tiles have turned into debris, causing inconvenience to the pedestrians. It is impossible to walk on the stretch for long and added, “It is likely for a person to get injured while walking in the park, as the footpaths are in bad shape and had requested for immediate repairs and filling earth on sides to avoid more damages to paver paths/ tracks.
Morning walkers were of the opinion that a complaint box must be installed in the park to address the issues directly to the concerned authorities. But Who Cares????

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