Thursday, Date: Mar 30, 2023 Time: 11:26 pm

No check on illegal banners in Mohali

Mohali: Municipal Corporation Mohali seems to have truned a blind eye illegal banners and hoardings at public spots in the city. Installation of such illegal hoardings continues to be on the rise in the city.
Residents and commuters demand action against them the delinquiend officers of the municipal corporations Mohali. As sources even pointed out no permission having been granted for the installation of banners and hoardings in the city.
The public complain of such advertising material having illegally cropped up in several spots, including residential areas in different Phases of Mohali.
Motorists tend to get distracted by it, thereby making them come in the way of danger, they added.
Further, such advertisement boards are hung on electric poles and placed on street platforms, to the annoyance of the public, residents said.
Residents having urged the authorities concerned and the police for legal action against such violators, claim their requests to have only fallen ion deaf ears.
Raman Kumar Shaili, BJP Mandal President said, “ Illegal Banners and Hoardings are increasingly being placed not only at main roads but also in inner streets in the residential areas.
BJP leader pointed out several such banners have been put up by politicians of rulling party in Punjab and are not being removed for over months and have now become a permanent feature in certain prime pockets.
Municipal Corporation officials seems to be afraid and had failed to take action on it, BJP leader demanded that concerned officers
should inspect this and take legal action against violators. But Who Cares??

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