Wednesday, Date: Mar 29, 2023 Time: 3:18 pm

No end to encroachments in Mohali markets, MC fails

Mohali: Encroachment has become a major obstacle in the way of development and the government should not ignore the issue and must take it seriously. Strict action should be taken against individuals or groups that encroach upon the public property unlawfully.
Encroachments on public or government land, illegal encroachments can be seen openly in corridors in the markets in Mohali and even on the public parking area in Mohali.
Certain pieces of land and corridors meant for public use in front of the booths in Phase 2, Phase 5 and even in other Markets in Mohali can be seen to have been encroached openly but the MC has failed to act despite court directions. “Big cartons, packages and other merchandise for sale can be seen openly stacked in corridor area by some shopkeepers, making it difficult to move by the visitors and at some places shopkeepers have even encroached upon the parking area which makes it difficult for the visitors to park their vehicles in the markets in Mohali.
Residents have been approaching the MC with complaints to remove encroachments in corridors but to no avail.
Resident said, “MC officers must come visit the markets and see how shopkeepers have extended their sitting counters to corridors, leaving no space for visitors. Corridors are meant for people but shopkeepers keep their goods here, depriving people of their rights.
Small-time eateries openly use LPG cylinders in public places, posing a major threat to life. The MC must take stern action against such violators, some of the affected shopkeepers said that they lost business because of the encroachments.
Several residents added, to tackle the issue of illegal encroachments, only consistent action and strict punitive measures is the solution that may help clearing the encroachments, regular patrolling by the Municipal Corporation teams for vigilance and inspection of crowded places should be started and local residents must be involved as a team to resolve the matter of encroachment to a certain extent and civic body should check the encroached areas and heavy penalties should be imposed on defaulters to prevent the problem.

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