Wednesday, Date: Mar 22, 2023 Time: 11:57 am

No relief from stray cattle menace

Mohali: Residents and commuters in Mohali failed to get any relief from the stray cattle menace as large number of cattle are still seen roaming freely on roads in Mohali.
Residents added that cattle can be seen roaming on roads, posing a threat to commuters.
Residents pointed out that, stray cattle can be seen roaming on the main roads in Mohali, looking for food. Several residents offer chapatis or leftover food, but they can also be found feeding on garbage in the open or along roadsides. The authorities concerned must ensure hygienic conditions in the city for the safety of both, animals and the residents.
Residents said that there is no check on stray cattle in Mohali. Stray cattle squat on the city roads, causing inconvenience to commuters. They also lead to road mishaps, especially during the night. The issue has been conveyed to the concerned authorities repeatedly, but to no avail. Some effective measures must be taken in this regard. But Who Cares???

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