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Monday, Date: Apr 22, 2024 Time: 12:10 am


Mohali: Overgrown trees obstruct signboards in Mohali, need to be addressed promptly and efficiently as this can pose a danger to road users, says a commuter, and added that many motorists, especially those from outstation, depend on road signage to get to their destinations.
Commuters added, “Not everyone is able to use GPS apps or devices to find their way, which means that accurate and visible signboards are a necessity.
Residents and commuters demanded that concerned officers should be vigilant and look out for branches that obstructed signboards as overgrown trees/ branches are the cause of the problem and the matter should be taken seriously.
Commuters added that “Authorities can set up complaint channels which allow people to forward information via WhatsApp as this will make it easier for people to send in the details of the obstructed signboards and the authorities can act to prune the tree or shrubs and residents may be involved to get the needful done. But Who Cares???

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