Tuesday, Date: Jan 31, 2023 Time: 2:10 am

Open manholes an imminent threat to residents

Mohali: Open manholes and poor road conditions have been worrying the Mohali residents for a long time now. Besides being a threat to pedestrians, the uncovered manholes are posing serious threats to motorists.
Residents said Mohali Municipal Corporation seems to have turned a blind eye to the danger. “Several manholes and drains are left uncovered in Mohali around the main roads, making it difficult during the night hours and early morning.
Residents suggested, an open manholes on the main road that leads to Diplast Chowk from Franco Hotel Lights, can prove dangerous as many senior citizens are seen walking on the said stretch during early hours and are unable to notice the open manhole, which is neither covered by a caution board.
Several senior citizens added that it seems that the authorities were playing with the lives of people and suggested that an action should be initiated against the officials concerned for their inability to perform their duty.
Open drains have not been barricaded or demarcated by the concerned authorities added residents. According to the city residents, the problem of open drains and manholes is not new and they have been raising the issue time and again. People also sustain injuries by falling into open drains in the city.
But Who Cares???
When contacted, MC Mohali Commissioner Ms Navjot Kaur PCS she said the pothole issue has came to the her notice now and officials have been instructed to conduct a survey and instructions are given to officials concerned to immediately cover the open manholes in Mohali to avoid any untoward incident.

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