Saturday, Date: Apr 01, 2023 Time: 4:49 pm

Open manholes, damaged lids risk
lives of residents and commuters

Mohali: Open and Damaged manholes are posing a threat to commuters and residents in Mohali, at several places it was found that many of manholes are not properly closed and can cause serious accidents. Passers by are at a high risk of facing mishaps while crossing these manholes that are either damaged or kept open in Mohali.
The manholes covers are not properly placed and are raised above the ground level at many places in Mohali, which is posing great inconvenience to the commuters. During the night hours and rains, the situation becomes precarious as the manholes are submerged under water and becomes invisible resulting in increasing the danger of harming the passersby.
Residents added that concerned authorities should make efforts to address such issues, otherwise it could result in serious problem for residents and commuters, or it may also lead to fatal accidents. These manhole covers are lying damaged or uncovered since long but no action has been taken by the concerned authorities so far.
Residents while talking to The Aman Snadesh Times demanded that all manholes should be properly covered with lids to save precious lives. The concerned authorities have failed to take notice of such danger traps and added that some of the damaged manholes can be seen on the main roads too. But Who Cares???
Ms Navjot Kaur Commissioner MC Mohali said, the issue had now come to her notice, and she would personally enquire into the matter and had also expressed her concern regarding the fatal accidents that might appear due to the damaged manholes at the in Mohali

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