Sunday, Date: Mar 26, 2023 Time: 6:34 pm

Open manholes threat to commuters

Mohali: Open or damaged sewerage manholes on various roads in Mohali pose a threat to the lives of commuters especially those riding on two-wheelers. Accidents due to faulty or missing covers on manholes had earlier been reported on many occasions.
These open manholes pose a grave danger to lives of residents, especially when roads are waterlogged and drivers cannot see raised sewerage manholes or during dark at night.
During a visit to different parts of SAS Nagar, Mohali, revealed that a large number of sewerage manhole covers are missing.
One can spot an uncovered manholes in Industrial area, Phase 7 Mohali. Industrialists complained that these could cause fatal accidents. They also stated that the level of a road and manhole cover should be same so that people are safe while driving on city roads and demanded that all manholes, whose covers are missing, should be covered to prevent mishaps.
Industrialist added, we make a fervent appeal to concerned authorities to look into the matter,” and demanded, that Municipal Corporation must ensure that the level of all manholes, which are higher than the road level, should be to the level of the road, they demanded.
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