Thursday, Date: Mar 30, 2023 Time: 11:42 pm

Overgrown trees hide streetlights across Mohali

Mohali: Despite the Mohali roads being covered by the LED lights, several streets remain in darkness due to overgrown trees at light points, overgrown trees in Mohali have become a headache for the residents as the streetlights too get covered by them which results in reducing visibility especially at night.
During a visit to the various Phases and Sectors dividing main roads by the team the Aman Sandesh Times, it was found that the overgrown trees were not pruned since long, due to which, the streetlights installed in Mohali at most of the points serve no purpose of lighting during night.
Residents even complained that they have raised the issue with the authorities a number of times but to no avail and added No action is being taken by the concerned authorities and added that the streets remain in darkness as overgrown trees cover the light poles. Due to this every citizen is unsafe.
A senior citizen added going out during the night becomes a nightmare and added that the residents are facing problems because of the of the MC attitude towards the pruning of the trees and demanded that it should be including in the routine works of the concerned department, to get the trees prune, trimmed at the regular interval, so that residents do not have to approach them for such a petty issue and said some times the darkness on road remind us of our old days when we use to live in our villages and feel that we are not in Mohali.
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