Wednesday, Date: Mar 29, 2023 Time: 4:31 pm

Pavements are not meant for walking

Mohali: If you are able to walk upon footpaths in Mohali it’s your luck as at most of the footpaths in Mohali are not in a position on which you could walk as being able to walk on a footpath in Mohali is a rare opportunity as majority of footpaths in Mohali are either encroached upon or in such a bad shape that walking on them is impossible.
The pavements of footpaths is either broken or mounds of dug up soil remain discarded, residents added that at most places the paver blocks were removed for underground repair job or for infrastructure upgrade. The restoration is done after days and months, and even then without much care. The result is the pavers come off from their grooves or the sand under the paver blocks disperse across the stretch making it a dusty track that people tend to avoid.
Residents added that most of the time we have noticed that in the name of beautification, Mohali Municipal Corporation (MMC) has dismantled footpaths which were in good condition and the civic body has been paying lakhs of rupees to the contractors in its respective wards just to replace the old pavers with new ones for which many people and activists feel that is a waste of public money but unfortunately nothing is done to repair the broken pavers.
Pedestrians who prefer to walk upon footpaths are unable to walk on them being broken and have to suddenly step down on the road amid the traffic. But Who Cares???

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