Wednesday, Date: Mar 29, 2023 Time: 3:58 pm

People should be made more and more aware about vector borne diseases – Civil Surgeon

Mohali: The District Health Department imparted training to the multipurpose health supervisors of the district on the causes, prevention and treatment of mosquito, fly etc. diseases (NVBDCP).
Civil surgeon Dr. Adarsh Pal Kaur said that the main objective of this training is to control vector borne diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, Kala Azar etc. and to increase awareness about it. She said that after getting this training, along with making common people more aware about these diseases, proper identification and treatment of patients should be ensured in a more effective manner. They also taught how to identify, diagnose, treat and deal with emergencies.
Civil Surgeon said that under active surveillance and passive surveillance, malaria slides should be prepared for every fever case. Malaria test is done free of cost in all government health institutions. She said that wherever cases of dengue etc. come to the fore, people should be made aware along with the process of challaning them. She told that fever survey of the entire population should be conducted in the affected areas and blood slides of malaria should be prepared. She told that it is necessary that the shoulders of the creeks, canals, needles etc. should be kept clean and water should not be allowed to stand anywhere. To protect oneself from mosquito bites, clothes should be worn in such a way that the body is covered completely and mosquitoes cannot bite. Mosquito nets and mosquito repellent creams should be used so that malaria, dengue can be prevented. She made aware about water-borne diseases and told that drinking contaminated water causes diseases like diarrhoea, cholera, typhoid, jaundice etc., out of which cholera is very dangerous. They were asked to use water from clean streams. If there is a complaint of nausea and vomiting, a medical examination should be done immediately at a private health center. She instructed all the officers that the information given in their respective blocks should be conveyed to the people and awareness camps should be organized in this regard. If someone has a complaint of fever, then a blood test should be done in the nearest health institution.

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