Sunday, Date: Mar 26, 2023 Time: 5:28 pm

Phase 5 Parking lots continue to be neglected

Mohali: Several years have passed for the presently elected councillors but there has been no relief from bumpy rides for residents of Mohali, as the elected councillors as well as municipal corporation (MC) employees seems to have failed to find a solution for the pothole-riddled and damaged parking lots in Mohali.
Commuters said despite of change in elected representatives either ibe a Councillor or MLA no change in situation of parking lots in Phase 5 as, the present situation of the parking lot of Phase-5 market in Mohali (opposite Bougainville Garden), is full of broken patches and potholes.
At present parking lots in Phase 5 are fully broken patches and potholes.
Residents added that, poor state of roads in Mohali not only poses a risk to the lives of residents, but also causes financial burden as they have to get their vehicles serviced more often.
Residents and shopkeepers blamed MC officials for neglecting repeated requests to repair the roads in Parking area of Markets in Phase 5.
Several senior citizens visiting Phase 5 Market added, the parking area opposite Post Office continues to be in poor shape and it is very difficult for them to drive through and added that, we had submitted several requests but to no avail as nobody cares for tax payers.
Several commuters visiting the parking area added that the situation gets worse when it rains and during the night time. But Who Cares???

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