Wednesday, Date: Mar 22, 2023 Time: 11:31 am

Piles of garbage and litter, a common sight in Mohali

Mohali: Mohali city seems to be struggling with basic issues like sanitation, public toilets and garbage disposal.
Residents added, garbage dumps are visible all over — on roadsides, parks and other places and demanded that the elected MC should address the sanitation issue in their respective wards to ensure a clean and hygienic atmosphere to residents.
Senior Citizens added, Poor sanitation in parts of Mohali has become a nuisance for residents. In the absence of any effective strategy, the problem has aggravated. Heaps of accumulated garbage in various localities and even on main roads are a common site. The lifting of waste is very slow.
Residents added whenever we try to request the sanitary Inspector or supervisor they reply there is a shortage of staff, who is to arrange the staff, we the residents have been suffering despite of paying our taxes. Who Cares???

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