Poll campaigning in Mohali yet to pick up the pace

Mohali: Even as the Election Commission (EC) has announced the date for the Assembly poll in the state, the campaigning is yet to pick up pace as except for AAP in Mohali, other parties, especially the BJP-Alliance, SAD-BSP and individual candidates have not even announced their candidates or candidature as yet. Even voters are still silent and not ready to disclose their preferences regarding a party or candidate openly.
Political observers state that the picture would be clear after all the parties announce their candidates, though voters generally do have a preference, personal liking or disliking for a particular candidate may impact the results in a constituency.
This time, the election results are expected to be interesting and baffling. With too many candidates trying their luck in the elections, it would have to be seen who cuts into whose vote bank and who gets benefited from it.
AAP is the only political party till date which has announced candidate to contest from Mohali SAS Nagar Constituency as Kulwant Singh and Former Health Minister MLA Balbir Singh Sidhu is confident to be the congress candidate, though official announcement is still awaited. SAD-BSP alliance, BJP- Alliance and other too are yet to announce the candidates.
In 2017, Congress candidate Former Health Minister MLA Balbir Singh Sidhu has emerged as a winner for third time.
AAP Candidate Kulwant Singh has been confined to the Corporation or council elections.
It is pertinent to mention about the rumours of the Congress not repeating its candidates as a few of MLAs are facing anti-incumbency, it might become difficult for the high command to pacify dissidents.
On the other hand, the AAP has its popularity among lower and middle-income groups, who have disenchanted with the traditional parties, could help it garner a huge share of votes.

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