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Thursday, Date: Apr 25, 2024 Time: 8:32 pm


Chandigarh: Posters of missing MP Kirron Kher have been put up at Chandigarh railway station. Chandigarh Youth Congress has got these posters printed against the ‘pick and drop’ charges being collected at the railway station. In these, it is written with Kher’s photo that the people of Chandigarh are looking for their missing MP at the railway station.
On the other hand, ‘Missing’ is written below Kher’s photo on the poster. Similarly, another poster with the photo of BJP’s election symbol has been released. Youth Congress’s protest against the toll imposed at the railway station is going on since last 28 November. Today Chandigarh Congress will protest in association with Youth Congress.
Youth Congress chief Manoj Lubana’s fast unto death has entered the 6th day today. Despite this, no assurance has been given so far by the Railway Authority or any other officer regarding the reduction or removal of toll rates. Last Wednesday, Punjab Congress President Barinder Singh Dhillon also participated in the demonstration of Chandigarh Youth Congress.
Tolls ranging from 50 to 200 rupees were collected
Manoj Lubana said that the railway administration is engaged in looting the people. Due to the fear of slip, people are reaching on foot including children to catch the train at the railway station. Lubana said that the entry of vehicles in the railway station has been made free for the people only for 6 minutes, which is a very short time. After this, charges up to Rs 50 and Rs 200 are being charged.

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