Saturday, Date: Mar 25, 2023 Time: 7:26 am

Pothole-ridden roads are a common scene in Mohali

Mohali: Big potholes have appeared on the internal as well as external roads in different parts of the city, ongoing rainy season, has added to the woes of commuters.
Residents and commuters stated Now, the situation has turned worse on several roads, giving open invitations to mishaps.
The potholes on Balongi to Phase 5 Mohali Road, roads leading to Industrial Area Phase 7 from Spice lights, and other roads are crying for attention.
The broken roads are not only posing threat to commuters but also causing damage to vehicles.
Commuter added the main Road from Balongi to Spice light points is badly broken. Moreover, waterlogging increased the woes of commuters on the stretch and added, that MC should take the matter seriously. The broken roads must be repaired immediately.
City residents added potholes are visible everywhere in the city.
Kid riding a bicycle felt off his cycle due to potholes in Phase 2, accidents are occurring due to broken and pot filled roads which are also damaging the vehicles and suggested if MC can’t ensure patchwork in a right manner during the rainy season, it must take steps to get the potholes filled with cold bitumen, soil or other material to avert mishaps and demanded Mayor and the MC Commissioner should order officials to get all potholes filled in the next few days. But Who Cares???

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