Thursday, Date: Mar 30, 2023 Time: 11:10 pm

Pothole ridden roads remain a hazard

Mohali: A huge pothole on Industrial Area Phase 7 road near Spice Light Point, one of the most-used roads in Mohali, is dangerous for motorists”, according to Industrialists.
It should have been repaired long back, and with monsoon almost there, is all set to become even more precarious.
In fact, ahead of the rainy season, residents say that the dilapidated condition of several city roads is of concern.
“Civic authorities should get the necessary repairs done before the monsoon takes over.
Once rains start, potholes will get filled with water and pose a risk to vehicles,” said, a resident.
Deep potholes in Mohali continue to make driving a nightmare for commuters.
Residents added, Not even a single road in Mohali is in a good shape at present.
Potholes can be witnessed on every road. Despite paying taxes, residents continue to suffer the consequences of broken roads, while MC continues to turn a blind eye.
A rough and unexpected jolt can cause severe structural damage to your vehicle. This damage in turn can lead to a cascade of mechanical problems and catastrophic human injuries. But Who Cares???

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