Wednesday, Date: Mar 22, 2023 Time: 10:50 am


Mohali: Commuters and residents in Mohali have been facing the inconvenience while driving on roads in Mohali for the past several years as most of the roads in Mohali have damaged surface and potholes and no step seems to have been taken by the concerned departments as permanent solution.
Commuters added that broken patches on the roads in Mohali are hazardous for motorists and may result to an untoward incident anytime due to failure of the concerned authorities to repair/ re-carpet the roads in Mohali and added that we often see motorists switching lanes driving in zig zag to avoid hitting a broken patch and make it hazardous for other riders and road users.
A daily commuter said that we find it very risky to drive on the roads in Mohali as fast-moving vehicles often brake hard on hitting the bad patches, posing a risk of an accident and added that most of the roads in Mohali has neither been re-carpeted, nor the damaged stretch repaired for years.
Residents and commuters demanded that concerned official must pay heed to get the patchwork carried out in the entire city and must ensure that all vulnerable spots are repaired soon. But Who cares???

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