Wednesday, Date: Mar 29, 2023 Time: 3:42 pm

Potholes in Industrial Area roads add to traffic snarls in Mohali

Mohali: Various roads leading to Industrial Area Phase 7, Mohali cry for care.
Industrialists added, roads in Industrial Area Phase 7 Mohali and adjacent areas such as Balongi, Shahi Majra and Phase 5 Mohali are in a shambles, the damaged roads lead to accidents.
Mohali Municipal Corporation had spent a lot of funds on various funds on development, during the previous Congress government. In fact, interlocking tiles were put up across the length and breath of various roads in Mohali. Despite this, several stretches in the city remain in disrepair.
These includes a road adjacent to the office of Executive Engineer PSPCL, Mohali, a stretch of road adjacent to the office building is completely damaged. Similarly, there is a big patch of damaged road adjacent to Shahi Majra, Phase 5
Besides damaged patches, some roads in the Focal Point area are in a dilapidated condition. Commuters continuously face issues as the roads become slippery during the rainy season.
Similarly, the roads of Industrial Area Phase 8A, 8B, adjacent to District Administrative Complex are also in a dilapidated condition.
An industrialist demanded Municipal Corporation should re-carpet/ scarify or carry out patchwork wherever required.
Various city roads have been uprooted for installation of new pipes but still has not been repaired. Who Cares????
MC Commissioner Navjot Kaur Said needful will be done at the earliest possible.

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