Sunday, Date: Mar 26, 2023 Time: 6:15 pm

Punjab Vigilance issues dress code for its employees/officers

Chandigarh: The Punjab Vigilance Bureau has issued a dress code for all officers and employees. According to the issued order, full sleeves shirts, pants, safari suits should be worn in summer.
In winter, sober-colored coats, pants, blazers, and sweaters should be worn as warm clothes. Do not wear bright jackets. Black, brown belt should be worn.
Black brown oxford shoes should be worn with socks and slippers, sandals should be used only if there is a medical problem and a medical certificate should be used and shaving should be done properly.
Suits, sarees, formal shirts and trousers to be worn by lady employees. Jeans, T-shirt, sports shoes, slippers should not be worn.
Identity card must be worn during duty hours and made available on demand. It is reiterated that the identity card shall be in possession of the duty personnel and officers at all times, but it shall not be necessary to wear the identity card during operational assignments.

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