Wednesday, Date: Mar 22, 2023 Time: 11:42 am

RBU students design low-cost air purifier

Mohali: Students of University School of Engineering and Technology of Rayat Bahra University have exercised their innovative skills and have designed useful devices which are used in different households.
Dr Parvinder Singh, Vice-Chancellor, Rayat Bahra University, said that the students had designed an economical water filter, humidifier and air filter. All these costs are very economical for domestic use.
Dr Singh said the water purifier is so economical and compact in design so it can be installed at any place and can work on very low consumption of power ie. 12V and can also run-on solar power. This product is very useful in remote areas where there is a problem of electricity.
It uses three kinds of filters: sediment filter, carbon filter and UV membrane filter which completely purify water and maintain its TDS value, he added.
Dr Mandeep Kaur Sandhu HOD (ECE) & electrical department said the air purifier is used to clear indoor pollution and purifies the air. It removes the contaminants like dust particles, clothes fibres present in the air, this device is beneficial to the people having allergies and asthma. This purifier uses HEPA (high efficiency particulate air filters) originally designed to remove radioactive dust particles from air.
Humidifiers are used to maintain humidity in the air. The percentage of humidity decides the life of the virus present in the air. Studies show that viruses in the air can survive if humidity level is 0 or above 100.
This device can operate on very low power i.e. 12 V, Dr Sandhu added.

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