Sunday, Date: Mar 26, 2023 Time: 5:52 pm

Residents complain about broken pavers in Mohali

Mohali: Broken paver blocks have become a major cause of concern for residents in Mohali. Residents added, that there are pavements, but due to non-maintenance, they cannot be used.
Broken pavements discourage pedestrians as uneven paver blocks may cause unwary pedestrians, especially senior citizens to trip and fall, harming life and limb.
Residents rued that at some places new pavers were also being uprooted only to be replaced by new ones and added we have observed is these paver blocks get damaged within six months of their being laid out.
Senior citizens said we find it very difficult to walk on the uneven footpath as we are afraid of tripping and falling, so now we have started walking on the main roads, risking our lives in traffic.
Authorities are concerned how to spend so much money on laying paver blocks. They should also find out the material being used, said another resident. Caving in of paver blocks is also a common scene in many places.
Paver block footpaths are not very user-friendly, especially in the monsoon. The individual blocks get worn out or broken and rainwater accumulates in the cracks and when a pedestrian inadvertently steps on one of these, dirty water splashes on the pedestrian’s clothes.
But Who cares????

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