Thursday, Date: Mar 30, 2023 Time: 11:45 pm

Residents in fix whom to blame, MC Chandigarh or Chandigarh Administration?

Chandigarh: Residents of Chandigarh have complained that open grounds in the city are full of wild grass, to the authorities concerned, seems to have closed eyes on the matter.
Residents lamented that insects, snakes and animals can often be seen crawling or hiding in the bushes and even miscreants like those taking drugs hid here adding that now the most of the open spaces have become jungle type area and questioned, What kind of smart city is this? This has become a place where chain snatchers and drug addicts hide. When we complain, workers only do formality by cutting grass at some parts and leaving the most of the area even untouched.”
Senior Citizens added, we go for a walk early morning its bit dark at that time, β€œThe issue must be resolved immediately. Even electricity cables are dangling on trees in haphazard manner and can lead to mishap and demanded that Senior officials should visit the road sides and do the needful.”
During the morning walk several residents complained, that Chandigarh administration is doing nothing to check the growth of wild grass in and around the city.
Apart from being a safe haven for anti-social elements and insects, the weed may also result in causing allergy, skin rashes and asthma to residents.
The Chandigarh Administration has failed to implement its own orders to eradicate the weed. Under the green action plan, a special campaign to remove the weed had been stressed upon but the orders remain on papers.
Residents in almost all sectors complain that the weed had spread over open spaces around playgrounds and along road berms and even cycle tracks and demanded, the Administration or Civic Body should launch a campaign to remove the weed.”
In Sector 42, the weed can be seen over grown everywhere, it has grown along the road leading to Mohali, making it difficult for road users to seek the traffic coming from the opposite side.
A similar complaint has been received from Sectors 40, 41 and other southern sectors.
Experts recommend that it should be rooted out before it develops pollen and flowers. The weed sucks vital micronutrients from the soil and inhibits the growth of other plants in the vicinity, besides causing allergy.

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