Wednesday, Date: Mar 22, 2023 Time: 1:00 pm

Residents irked as water crisis continue in Mohali

Mohali: Public outcry against low or no water supply is unwarranted, the problem of water supply is very acute throughout Punjab, despite making all efforts, the Punjab government needs to work to improve the issues of low water pressure which have left people fretting and fuming in past. Residents said problem may worsen as temperature soars, the authorities concerned are charging exorbitant water and electricity bills but facilities provided do not consonance with charges.

Mohali residents claimed that they are passing through hard times even though summers has not started yet, residents of Phase 3 B2 have been complaining that they got very less or no water supply this morning. “There is no water to drink, leave alone for a bath or other activities. The overhead water tanks are all empty. The Municipal Corporation (MC) and the other concerned departments have been caught napping and they did not have any alternate arrangement in place in a crisis like this,” Inderjeet Singh Khokhar, a resident of Phase 3 B 2 Mohali said.

On the other hand Deputy Mayor Bedi writes a letter to the Minister of Public Health and asks Government to immediately start the five water booster plants installed in Mohali.
It is pertinent to mention here that Deputy Mayor Mohali, Municipal Corporation Kuljit Singh Bedi has written a letter to the Minister of Public Health Department, Punjab Brahm Shankar Jimpa and demanded that the five water booster plants built in Mohali should be made operational immediately.
Deputy Mayor Kuljit Singh Bedi has written in his letter that Municipal Corporation has built five water booster plants in different areas of Mohali by spending crores of rupees in which lakhs of liters of water is stored and it is further boosted but unfortunately, these plants could not be operational because of lack of employees to run these plants.
Kuljit Singh Bedi said that the Aam Aadmi Party government has come to power by promising to provide facilities to the people, but these booster plants built at the cost of crores of rupees are non operational and the people are not getting facilities. He demanded that employees should be appointed in these plants immediately and booster plants should be made operational so that there is no problem in the supply of water and Mohali residents do not suffer due to scarcity of water.
Deputy Mayor Kuljit Singh Bedi has also sent a copy of this letter to the Secretary, Public Health Department and the Deputy Commissioner Mohali and has demanded immediate action in this regard.

State AAP President Vyapar Mandal Vineet Verma while talking to The Aman Sandesh Times said Municipal Corporation has its own funds and planning and to cover up all failures and inabilities Mohali Corporation’s Deputy Mayor has got a very easy solutions to blame the State Government. Verma added as the other Mohali related tenders and works are carried out by Mohali Municipal Corporation why they can’t run the 5 Boosters? Verma added that previous Government was of Congress and at that time estimate as well as planning could have been carried out for the installation and running of water boosters, so what does it have to do with AAP Government.
It is only to distract the General public and cover up all failures of Congress as well as BJP leadership in Mohali who are hand in gloves with each other.

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