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Thursday, Date: Apr 25, 2024 Time: 6:43 pm


Mohali: The residents and industrialists in Mohali complained of open sewer drains with no covers in Mohali streets and warned of impending accidents especially as monsoon showers continue in the city.
“Many streets across Mohali can been seen with open sewer drains with no covers. Recently another sewer drain was found without cover in Industrial Area Phase 7 Mohali.
Passer-by stated despite many attempts to complain at 18001370007 helpline of Mohali Municipal Corporation they were not able to complain as the number was not reachable as it replied to be invalid number.
Children living around the areas with open manholes are at grave risk especially during late evening hours when they tend to return home from parks and neighbouring playgrounds. These open sewers are not visible and can be dangerous at night. But Who Cares???

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