Wednesday, Date: Mar 22, 2023 Time: 11:58 am

Road caves in, close shave for commuters

Mohali: A portion of road caved in, is reported at the turn near Traffic lights in phase 5 Mohali.
Commuters reported that a big pit appeared on the road and it was a narrow escape for commuters.
Raising questions over the role of the MC, commuter, said the public needs to be careful while commuting or walking on city roads as road cave-ins had become a routine in Mohali. The chances of road cave-ins remain high on city roads but the authorities concerned were yet to ensure safety of the public.
“It seems the actual fault behind the cave-in of he roads at several places in Mohali is not found by the civic body officials in a proper manner.
Commuters said there, have been several incidents in pasts that the road portion caved in but nothing seems to have been done by the concerned officers. Who Cares???

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